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GR 1300/13  

Furnace chamber of the GR 1300/13 with second door as additional equipment

GR 1300/13

The furnace chamber of the gradient furnace GR 1300/13 is divided in six control zones of equal length. The temperature in each of the six heating zones is separately controlled. The furnace is usually charged from the side through the parallel swivel door. A maximum temperature gradient of 400 °C can then be stabilized over the heated length of 1300 mm. On request the furnace also is designed as a strand furnace with a second door on the opposite side. Other available additional equipment consists of fiber chamber separators dividing the furnace chamber into six equally sized chambers. Charging then occurs from above by opening the large lid.

  • Tmax 1300  °C
  • Heated length: 1300 mm
  • Heating elements on support tubes providing for free heat radiation in the kiln chamber
  • Charging from the top or through the right side door
  • Gas damper suspension of the lid
  • 6-zone control
  • Separate control of heating zones (each 160 mm long)
  • Temperature gradient of 400  °C over the entire length of the kiln chamber, each zone can individually be controlled

Additional equipment

  • Up to ten control zones
  • Fiber separators dividing the chamber in six equally sized chambers
  • Second parallel swivel door for use as strand furnace
  • Vertical instead of horizontal strand furnace
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmOuter dimensions in mmHeating
power inElectricalWeight
 °CwdhWDHkW¹connection*in kg
GR 1300/13 1300 1300 100 60 1660 740 1345 18 3-phase 300
¹Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher *Please see page 80 for more information about supply voltage

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